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“We spent a lot of time searching for the right therapist. We couldn’t ask for more than we’ve found with Rathbone & Associates.”
“I can’t express enough how much the DBT skills have changed my life. I am legitimately happy now!”

“Your team brought compassion, professionalism, determination, and genuine skill to a complicated situation. We are so grateful.”

“What a relief to find a therapist who figured out what was wrong and knew how to treat it!”
“She always hated going to therapy until we discovered Rathbone & Associates. The difference in her attitude is amazing.”
“Our family is grateful for
everything you did. I can breathe again.”

Experienced • Effective • Exceptional

 • Experienced •
• Effective •
• Exceptional •

Psychotherapy services for adolescents, young adults, and their families in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area

Located in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland, Capital Youth Services provides practical solutions to problems young people and their families face. The experienced therapists at Capital Youth Services provide superior quality, highly respectful, state of the art, effective treatment. They are experts on adolescent and young adult mental health and are committed to treatments that work.

Selecting a therapist can be confusing. There are many providers, disciplines, and treatment approaches. The information on this website will help you make an informed, comfortable decision.

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