Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins, LMSW, received her social work degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore with a specialization in clinical behavioral health. She completed her advanced year graduate field placement with Capital Youth Services where she gained DBT training and experience. Natalie naturally connected to the practice of DBT due to her rich mindfulness practice and ability to teach these invaluable skills to clients. She credits this unique asset to her parents who met in a Zen Buddhist monastery and aided her in cultivating a mindfulness practice from a young age. Natalie is also a certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher & 95 hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher. Prior to graduate school, she taught yoga to children in public and private schools across the DMV. Natalie has extensive experience teaching mindfulness skills, yoga and meditation to children, adolescents, and adults alike since 2015. Additionally, she continues to teach trauma informed yoga in outpatient treatment settings. She offers her clients warmth, compassion, and an embodied understanding of DBT. As a member of the DBT team at Capital Youth Services she provides individual and group therapy.



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