Sports Psychology

Allow our specialists to help your student-athlete develop psychological skills to increase success both on and off the field. Athletes learn tools to cope with the wide spectrum of stressors and pressures that sports present and develop awareness of the intersection between mind and body in order to feel and perform their best. These powerful skills transcend athletics, serving as a foundation for athletes to create healthy lifestyles in school and at home.

Areas of Focus

  • Goal-setting
    • Establish short and long-term goals to motivate behavior
  • Distress tolerance
    • Develop techniques for staying skillful when intense emotions arise in competition
  • Coping with injury
    • Manage setbacks productively
  • Understanding/exploring/managing pressure
    • Harness stress to maintain success
  • Grounding techniques
    • Stay focused when emotions and challenges get in the way
  • Environment
    • Build skills to allow for comfort in chaos
    • Navigating challenging environments by understanding areas of control
  • Mindset
    • Generate productive thoughts and successfully responding to critical thoughts
  • Performance
    • Increase skillful behavior when it matters


  • Improved performance
  • Emotion regulation
  • Return from injury
  • Achievement and maintenance of optimal performance levels
  • Maintain balance in school, sports, family, and social life.

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